Focus mondzorg is a proprietorship, in which Mirjam Oosting is working as an independent registered dental hygienist. Mirjam Oosting puts her patients at ease by calm and plain communication. Having clear and comprehensive information on the condition of their teeth and gums, helps patients to have a good understanding which options for treatment are available and what the treatment chosen consists of and implies.  

We all want healthy gums, don’t we? Healthy gums do not bleed. To achieve this it is important to brush your teeth thoroughly twice daily and to use devices like an interdental brush, a wooden pick or floss between the teeth and molars. Most effective of these devices is an interdental brush. There are interdental brushes in various sizes. Please let your practitioner inform you about this.  

Nice to know 

You do not need any prescription of a dentist #freeaccessible 
Expenses for childeren up to 18 years old are completely covered under the basic insurance. #anticipateisbetterthancuring #prevention