Manual toothbrushes 

Are manual toothbrushes suitable to use? Electric toothbrushes are not comfortable for all users. Applying a correct brushing technique will get you a long way in removing dental plaque. If you prefer to use a manual toothbrush, opt for the soft-haired type. This will prevent the occurrence of recessions (receding gums)! Curaprox has developed soft-haired manual toothbrushes, which are made of microfibers instead of nylon. Furthermore, the implantation of the bristles in the brush head is substantially denser in comparison to other manual toothbrushes. 

Tips for brushing your teeth 

  1. Hold the tooth brush with three fingers in a so-called modified pen grip 
  2. Maintain a fixed sequence: insides, outsides, tops 
  3. Brush at the edges of the gums, dental plaque typically builds in these places 
  4. Move your toothbrush in short back-and-forth movements 
  5. If your fine motor skills enable you to do so, let your brush head make small circular movements. 

Ask your dental hygienist to demonstrate the right approach in your mouth! 

Interdental brushes 

Plaque typically builds between teeth and molars, an interdental brush is the most effective aid to reduce dental plaque and gum bleeding. Focus Mondzorg has different types of interdental brushes for sale, developed by Curaprox a Swiss brand. 

Consult your dental hygienist to help you select the size(s) you need!