Rates within dentistry are set by the Dutch healthcare authority (NZA). Below you will find the rates (01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022) what can be charged to Focus Mondzorg, depending on the individual situation.

C-codesConsultation and diagnostics
C01First consultation with a patiënt new to the healthcare provider (not referred)€ 46,91
C01General periodic oral examination€ 23,45
C02Consultation, not being periodic€ 23,45
b.Diagnostic research
C10Additional Medical history after written routine questions€ 23,45
C14Pocket registration€ 37,03
C15Parodontium registration€ 74,07
M-codesPreventive mouth care
M01Preventive information and/or instruction, every five minutes€ 13,84
M02Consultation for evaluation of prevention, every five minutes€ 13,84
M03Dental cleaning, every five minutes€ 13,84
M32 */**Simple bacteriological or enzymatic research€ 18,52
M30Treatment of sensitive tooth enamel and (preventive) administer medication€ 6,17
M40Fluoride treatment€ 15,43
The M-codes are applied to persons with a healthy mouth (spaces between gums and teeth 0-3 mm) and to patients with gingivitis (pockets 4-5 mm, where the jawbone has not been lost)

T-codesGum treatment
Procedures on patients with gum disease
T012Examination on the gums with periodontium status€ 179,00
T021Thorough clean tooth root, complex€ 33,33
T022Thorough clean tooth root, standard€ 24,69
T032Evaluation initial treatment/surgery or reassessment with periodontium status€ 111,10
T033discuss follow-up process after evaluation or reassessment€ 67,90
T042Consultation periodontal aftercare€ 93,82
T043Extensive consultation periodontal aftercare€ 124,68
T044Complex consultation periodontal aftercare€ 166,04

The T-codes are Applied to patients with periodontitis (pockets 4-5 mm, where the jawbone has been lost / pockets > 6 mm)
T161 **Bacteriological research for gum treatment€ 43,21

** Excluding technical costs €50,95 PARO 9 | €65,95 PARO 21
A10Conduction-, infiltration-, and/or intraligamentary anesthesia€ 15,43
A15Surface anesthesia€ 8,02

You can pay with PIN immediately after the treatment. We can send the invoice by e-mail, so that you can easily send it to your insurer.