Wanja Akkerhuis 2 months ago

My dental hygienist visit has never been so pleasant, as far as it is possible when your teeth are cleaned of deposits. That was necessary because I hadn't been there for a long time. Why is it so good? Mirjam puts you at ease and is relaxed and professional, when she starts she clearly indicates what she is doing, and what she is doing has rejuvenated my teeth for 10 years. Given the good treatment I am now convinced that an annual visit is worth my time. PS. The rates are also set by the NZA, so no uninvited profits are made.
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Iqra Hussain 2 months ago

I recently had a dental cleaning performed by Mirjam. It was a great experience and I definitely want to keep coming back to Focus Mondzorg because time is taken for the teeth. It also explains a lot about what you can do better to optimize your oral care. All in all a must!

Charlotte de G. 3 months ago

Mirjam takes the treatment of her patients very seriously and she does not miss a single detail before, during and after the treatment. When you end up on the treatment chair with her, you can be assured that maintaining the health of your teeth is in good hands. Recommended!

David Gonezen 4 months ago

Good luck Miriam!! Highly recommended for a healthy radiant smile!

Eline Meijer 2 months ago

Another super fresh feeling after a treatment. Nice dealings, I certainly feel at ease when I lie in Mirjam's chair.